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I can be reached in the following ways:
  • email:
  • phone: (812)336-5592
  • snail-mail:
    • current:
      Andrew C. Dingman
      100 Yancy Lane
      Bloomington, IN 47404
    • permanent:
      Andrew C. Dingman
      805 River Road
      Leeds, ME 04263
I prefer as a matter of principle to receive electronic communication in encrypted form. I use GnuPG v1.0, but my keys also work with PGP v5.0 or higher as well as any other OpenPGP-compliant encryption software.

These keys replace all keys I have previously used. Revocation certificates for the most recent predecessors are available below. The following keys have been revoked:
  • Personal key:
    • Andrew C. Dingman (Sept. 19, 2000) <>
    • fingerprint: 33EC DC96 C8E2 2D97 DBF1 B18E 58B2 59EC A4EA E8FE
    • revocation certificate
  • Professional key:
    • Andrew C. Dingman (professional use only [Sept. 19, 2000]) <>
    • fingerprint: BCC6 1BF1 BC58 8C31 E16E 5E64 86EF 99AE F496 E815
    • revocation certificate

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