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Andrew C. Dingman

108 S. Kimble Dr.

Bloomington, IN 47404




I am an accomplished architect and administrator of enterprise IT systems, with a focus on using open source platforms and technologies to meet organizational needs. My experience includes interaction with individuals of diverse backgrounds, including non-technical backgrounds, at all phases of a project.

Employment experience:

  • Instructor II, Red Hat Global Learning Services. 2008-present. Deliver Red Hat's premier Linux system administration training courses, including RHCE, RHCSS, and RHCA track classes. Assist with course maintenance and development, including editing some releases. Direct releases of selected courses. Contribute code to course delivery infrastructure.
  • Instructor I, Red Hat Global Learning Services. 2007-2008. Deliver Red Hat's premier Linux system administration training courses, including RHCE, RHCSS, and RHCA track classes. Assist with course maintenance and development, including editing some releases. Contribute code to course delivery infrastructure.
  • Lead Linux Administrator, Cook Incorporated, 2005-2007. Design, implement, deploy, and maintain Linux and other Unix-like systems for Cook Incorporated. Assist sister companies with same. Coordinate with other system and network administration staff to maintain and improve overall IT infrastructure.
  • IT Systems Administrator for the Marketing Communications group at Cook Incorporated. 2004.
  • Computer consultant, International Association for the Study of Common Property, working for Charlotte Hess, Workshop Research Library of the Workshop on Political Theory and Policy Analysis at Indiana University Bloomington, 2002-2003. Installed, configured, and customized a search engine for the IASCP web site. Created DHTML pop-up menu system for new version of site. Work on updating appearance and underlying technology of site, including XHTML, CSS, and DHTML components. Assist in adding content to the Digital Library of the Commons. Assist in updating content of other areas of the IASCP site. Implemented new version of the Comprehensive Bibliography of the Commons.
  • NMCI Staging technician at NSWC Crane working for Tri-Star Engineering of Bedford, IN (2002). Installed and configured Windows 2000 on computer systems to be rolled out to end-users on base. Installed and configured legacy applications on said machines, depending on needs of end user for whom the machine was destined. Often moved up to QA position in which I verified that machines prepared by other technicians were configured correctly. Often consulted by both supervisors and other technicians when they encountered difficult or confusing situations.
  • Member of the Earlham CS department administrative team 2000-2001. Jointly maintain systems providing reliable computing and network services in a multi-platform environment.
  • Web developer; Preti, Flaherty, Beliveau, Pachios, & Haley, LLC , 2000. Re-implemented database driven dynamic web site using PHP and MySQL. Created web-based database management application to allow easy modification of site data by the marketing department. Interfaced with hosting provider to ensure that contracted services were properly provided.
  • Technical Assistant; Preti, Flaherty, Beliveau, Pachios, & Haley, LLC , 1998-9. Provided technical support, system configuration, system and network troubleshooting and related computing services to over 60 professional users in a Windows-centric environment. Held primary responsibility for configuring access systems for a disabled lawyer, as well as re-designing, upgrading, and ensuring Y2K compatibility of said lawyer's system.
  • Operator; Earlham College Computing Services , 1997-9 academic years. Provided assistance to students and faculty in use of college computing and network systems.
  • Free-lance IT work, summer 1998: Assisted Mark B. Leduc, Esq. of Preti, Flaherty, Beliveau, & Pachios with preparation of a client's web site for copyright filing.

Professional skills & interests:

  • Own and solely operate several Internet domains, providing all services including DNS, mail, web, and SSH servers on my own Linux servers.
  • Designed and implemented a modular, extensible web-based community system using PHP and a PostgreSQL database back-end. It is in use by a community of users who wanted to migrate from Yahoo! clubs.
  • Strong understanding of practical issues surrounding the use of modern symmetric and asymmetric encryption and authentication systems, including PKI.
  • Interest in the mathematics behind strong cryptosystems, particularly asymmetric cryptosystems.

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