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Jacquelyn Gerth

100 Yancy Lane

Bloomington, IN 47404



To apply a knowledge of psychology to a variety of fields and situations.




Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Earlham College


  • Coordinator, Jackson County CARe Initiative, 2000-2001. Coordinated the implementation of a county-wide rape and sexual assault awareness program, including training advocates to staff a crisis line, giving public presentations, completing research, and preparing reports.
  • Academic Support Services Assistant, Earlham College, 2000. Worked with academically-challenged students to provide support and facilitate communication between students and faculty concerning students' needs.
  • Technical Services Assistant, Jackson County Public Library, 1995-1999. Entry of new materials into computer system, processing of materials, working with the public at circulation desk.

Academic Experience:

The psychology program at Earlham College is designed to place an emphasis on "normal" behavior rather than concentrating on abnormal or clinical psychology. As a result, I have completed several courses concerning how normal people think, reason, and perceive the world around them.

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