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Earlham College Home of the Fighting — no, make that Hustling — Quakers. (For those of you who don't know, the Religious Society of Friends, a.k.a. Quakers, is a pacifist denomination.) Just in case my URL doesn't give it away, Earlham is where I go to school.

Scott Bosse Yet another great guy in our little clique of Former Leavitt Admins, and every bit as good about maintaining his web page as I am. Of course, given what I'm doing at the moment, it must be about time for him to update, too.

Turin Pollard Another good friend and FLA from back in the day when the school server was Scott's 80386 running FreeBSD. And running more reliably than the current system, too.

Other FLAs are hereby entreated to give me their current URLs so I can list them here, as well as current e-mail addresses so I can talk to them again. Evan? Jeff? Jon? Faz, you count too, even if you weren't a student.

Someplace in Brazil I don't know who these people are or how good their software is. But someone from there was on this page in the wee hours of the morning December 13, 1997, so I gave them a link.

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